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This is what diabetes is all about

Day 13, Swift Current to Moose Jaw 177km.  For some unknowed reason I had a very bad day with my diabetes, during the whole day I could not transform my carbohydrates and protein to energie.  The whole day I had a terrible headache, I was weak and could not think straight. Alex, Sonia Robert and François were very concerned, everyone was very quit and did not know what to do, I told them that despite the situation the day had to go on. A bad day for a diabetic trying to control his/her energy is much worst than riding 177km… Ask any type 1 diabetic and they will all agree with me…  Day 14, Moose Jaw to Indian Head 150km in driving rain with 30km/h wind gusts, it was an interesting day, I am so proud of Sonia and Alex they are just fantastic.  Mediawise Elise our PR person on board did a great job, 6:45am I was interview live via cell phone at Rock Detente 107,3 in Mtl, than 8:45am again live via cell phone at Radio Canada and again at 13:15pm in Regina live on the air at Big Dog 92,7 Country music,  Sonia, Alex and I had a great time. Tonight in Indian Head laundry, and RV clean up…  Spagetti meat ball sauce.

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  1. the world will never be the same

    1. Dustan Q. on June 30th, 2008 at 9:09 pm
  2. Salut la gang,
    Nous sommes présentement à la maison chez-vous à Saint-Bruno ! Charlot est à mes pieds et il bouffe son frisbee ! On va bien s’occuper de votre mère, tante, amie et épouse !!
    Pour Alex : « Ça l’air que ton lit est super confortable… on va le savoir ce soir !! ».
    Charlot est super beau avec sa coupe « skin head »… je suis certaine qu’Hermione aurait succombé à son charme… surtout qu’il se promène avec un frisbee dans la bouche !!
    On a hâte de vous voir et on pense beaucoup à vous !

    2. Michèle, Luc et Anne on June 28th, 2008 at 4:39 pm
  3. Bonjour à vous tous, et en particulier à toi Daniel. on ne se connait pas encore, mais nous partageons la même réalité qu est le diabète de type1, et ce depuis aussi longtemps l un que l autre!
    Je t ai entrevu au concert du JDRF en dec 2007 (avec Gregory Charles).
    Je suis ton progrès à vélo , car moi aussi j en ai rêvé longtemps de traverser le Canada en vélo… une aventure qui m attends toujours…
    Je me demandais quand tu crois passer via Toronto et Montréal( quelles dates), car je suis un membre fondateur du DESA Qc,(Diabete Exercise and Sports Association) et j adorerais qu on puisse vous accompagner à vélo lors de votre entrée dans la province de Québec ou autre , ou encore se joindre au groupe déjà en branle( si déjà organisé par d autres).
    Aussi, à Toronto, du jeudi 17 juillet au dimanche 20 juillet, le regroupement international de DESA se rencontre pour des sports et conférences sur le sport et le diabète!!!!!!!!! je ne sais pas si tu es déjà au courrant mais si oui ou non ce serait SUPER cool si tu y étais!
    Contacte-moi svp via le JDRF, ou autre ,ou directement via courriel, ça serait tellement cool!
    Bonne route et soyez tous prudent!
    A bientôt j espère

    3. Anne Royer on June 28th, 2008 at 3:04 pm
  4. dearest TEAM ….
    Dan, I get what you are saying about your last blog message….how will we get this information out there , how weak , sick , want to throw up , want to sleep and maybe even get very depressed and think very unhappy thoughts , feel unmotivated etc. etc. when in this situation ??
    I had the opposite the past days …HIGH blood sugars and was unable to get them down …feeling sad, depressed , could not sleep at night , wanted to sleep during the day , did not want to exercise , very easy to say ” who care about my HIGHS ” …yet I know the consequences : ….quality of life goes downward at a high
    speed .You cyclists could not even catch up with me !!
    And here you are , sharing yourself with the media …I so admire, what you and your kids are up to .
    I had the opportunity yesterday to be interviewed by the same TEAM , that met up with you outside Kamloops ; they were at the launch of the Canadian Mental Health Association ’s program to support emotional well-being of people with chronic conditions
    ( diabetes , heart and stroke, arthritis etc. ) . Our Health Minister , Mr. George Abbott was one of the key speakers ( he knows me through advocacy and my Team Diabetes events..work on supplying insulin pumps is being addressed !!!!)
    Love to all …G/N.

    4. nel on June 27th, 2008 at 9:55 pm

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