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Reader's Digest Canada
5 Animalympic Pet Videos

5 Animalympic Pet Videos

London 2012 is in full swing, but humans aren't the only ones getting in on the action. Check out this hilarious video gallery of athletic pets, and prepare to laugh yourself into the Olympic spirit! Read more

10 Real Millionaire Pets
World's Most Famous Animals
Meet the Yoga Dogs Meet the Yoga Dogs

This crazy photo gallery of yoga pups adds new meaning to the term Downward Dog.

Top 5 Least Intelligent Dog Breeds Top 5 Least Intelligent Dog Breeds

Find out which pups are the hardest for people to train (but don't worry, we still love them all).

Weirdest Cat Breeds Weirdest Cat Breeds

Prepare for your hair to stand on end when you see this unusual (and freaky) gallery of strange kitty cats.

5 Fun Pet Photos 5 Fun Pet Photos

Take a cute-break for a quick peek at some adorable pet photos sent to us by our readers.

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