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Travel Protection Kit

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Seasoned travelers agree that these 5 items are absolute must-haves whether traveling for business or pleasure. Weigh-Me Luggage Scale: Avoid those costly airline overweight luggage charges with this digital luggage scale. Contemporary styling, precise and accurate, it can be easily stored in your bag when you fly home. TSA Secure Lock: Secure your luggage with a TSA combination lock with oversized numbers to make unlocking easy on the eyes. Waterproof Camera Pouch: The Dry Camera is a flexible waterproof pouch that allows you to take photographs while being fully protected from water, sand and snow. Luggage I.D. Tags: Spot your luggage instantly with this twin pack of brightly colored Glo luggage tags. Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch: The 100% waterproof travel pouch for mobile phones allows audio control even when sealed, and it’s waterproof up to 3 feet.

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