General Support Notice:

If there is a problem with the site, we will post a message advising our users. Otherwise, the site is up and running properly so we are unable to provide personal support for individual users.

Before trying anything else or assuming that something is wrong with your computer or with our site, always try restarting your computer first. If the problem persists, try signing in from a different computer (try a friend, family member or co-worker's computer). Our site is generally very compatible with most web browsers and computers, but as a last resort, you might also try upgrading your web browser software if you're using a very old version. Beyond this, we recommend consulting the technical support line for your internet service provider or computer maker, reading the Help file or user manual for your web browser software and computer, or asking a tech-savvy friend or family member for help.

Please note that the site may not function properly if you're accessing the internet via a WebTV terminal or any other non-standard web browser or device.

Your site said I've already claimed a code when I haven't yet. What gives?

The most common reason for seeing this error is clicking twice (double-clicking) on the final button to claim your entries. If our system let you get that far, then it knows that you haven't claimed the code, and if you double-click a button to confirm your entries, then the system records the first click (and assigns you your entries), but then before it can show you the confirmation message, it also records the second click which is of course rejected (because it has already recorded that claim code a split second before). To verify the number of entries you have, click here -- you'll probably see that your entries were indeed granted to you. Another possible problem is that you are not in fact signed into the site properly, so make sure that you are indeed signed in with your own e-mail address and not that of someone else sharing the same computer (another family member perhaps). Click here to sign in again.

My husband and I both got the same code -- how can this be?

This is normal. The codes are not actually entries, the codes unlock entries, but the numbers are not actually entry numbers themselves. This is the same as a locked door -- many people can have the same key. It's the same here, where the code simply unlocks your ability to claim an entry. To verify that you were indeed granted an entry, you can check the total number of entries you have in the contest by clicking here.

What's a "day"?

For the purposes of this site, one "day" is midnight to midnight, Montreal (Eastern) time, so be sure to take that into account if you're in a different time zone.

Entry Claim Code not being accepted?

If you are getting an error message that the code you are entering is not valid, make sure that you are entering the code exactly as it was supplied to you. If you are being told that your code has expired, it is no longer valid and may not be claimed. All entry claim codes have an expiration date and must be used promptly. If your code has expired, make sure you are still opted-in, and you should receive a new claim code tomorrow via e-mail. Be sure to return to the site and claim in promptly.

Not receiving the nightly e-mail with the entry claim code?

The very first thing to check is that you (or your Internet Service Provider) don't have spam-catching software (such as Norton Anti-Spam) that is mis-labeling our e-mail as spam and so blocking or deleting it before you have a chance to see it. Before trying anything else, first temporarily disable your anti-spam software and see if the e-mail comes through. If you think that your internet service provider is blocking our e-mail, you should call their technical support to see if they can create a special rule to allow our e-mail through. If everything seems fine and you still don't seem to be receiving the nightly e-mail, we suggest that you change the e-mail address under which you play (at least temporarily), and try one of the free e-mail services (we've found Yahoo! Mail to be reliable) to see if you then start receiving our emails. Also, make sure you haven't opted out of receiving the nightly e-mails. If you have, you can opt back in here. This also applies to inactive users: if you haven't come back to the site and entered the contest for a few days, you will be automatically removed from the email list, so you will need to re-activate your account by opting in again.

Going on vacation? Need to temporarily stop the nightly e-mails?

No problem. Simply use the opt-out page here, and the e-mails will stop. Then, when you return, you can re-activate your account here and the e-mails will start up again automatically the very next morning.

Having trouble signing in?

Be sure to sign in using the e-mail and password you used when you registered for these contests.

Please note that you must register separately for these contests, even if you're already registered as a site member. You only need to register ONCE, then you can simply sign in and enter the contests every day without having to enter your full name and address each time.

If you keeping getting an error message telling you that cookies must be turned ON to use the site, or if your sign-in or registration don't seem to be working or "sticking", make sure that you have cookies turned ON in your web browser. If you're not sure how to do this please consult the technical support line for your internet service provider or computer maker, read the Help file or user manual for your web browser software, or ask a tech-savvy friend or family member for help.

Account not confirmed?

If you registered but did not receive the automated registration confirmation e-mail, your registration will remain effectively in "limbo" and you won't be able to sign in and enter the contest until you confirm your e-mail address. Note that the automated registration e-mail confirmations are always sent out immediately, so if you do not receive it, read the Not receiving the nightly e-mail information above to make sure your e-mail software or internet service provider isn't blocking our e-mail (which you'll need to enter the contests). If you want to try again with the same e-mail address, you must wait 48 hours, as this is when all non-confirmed registrations are deleted, so you can try again.

Need to change your email address?

You have two options: If you know your password, you can sign into the site using your old e-mail address and then use the Registration Modification form to change your email address. If you don't remember your password and don't have access to your old e-mail accout to have your password send to you, you can simply register again, using your new e-mail address. Note that this will not result in you being disqualified, as long as you only enter the contests once per day, using a single e-mail address/registration (the rule against registering more than once is to prevent people from attempting to enter the contests more than once per day by signing up multiple times using multiple e-mail addresses).

Wrong name showing up on the site?

Please note that only one person at a time may be signed into the site from the same computer, so if, for example, you and your spouse are sharing a computer and you're both registered to enter the contests, then the site will remember the LAST person who signed into the site. If your name isn't showing up, simply sign out of the site (click here to do so now) and then sign in again using your own e-mail address and password. This same situation is common in libraries, schools, and other places where computers are shared or borrowed. Again, simply sign out, then sign in again.