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Online Word Power Challenge Game

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You'll be timed! Yes, to make things a little more interesting, you'll get bonus points for completing the game quickly*. If you don't know an answer, be sure to guess -- if you don't, you won't see the correct answer at the end.

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There have been 241 Word Power Challenge players in the last 30 days.

Full Ranking Listings: Today | This Week | This Month | Overall

Top Players Today
User NamePoints
Tristan (ON, Canada)50
QuentinBoone (BC, Canada)50
Cleaner (BC, Canada)50
Myrnagrace3 (BC, Canada)50
1234Foxy (ON, Canada)50
sunshine_girl (AB, canada)50
strachan_ellis (ON, Canada)50
Paramedic1 (BC, Canada)50
Phonso (MB, Canada)45
ibepook (BC, canada)45
Suzalicious (QC, Canada)45
Mrsbig (BC, Canada)40
Top Players This Week
User NamePoints
QuentinBoone (BC, Canada)250
Cleaner (BC, Canada)250
Paramedic1 (BC, Canada)250
1234Foxy (ON, Canada)240
strachan_ellis (ON, Canada)235
Tristan (ON, Canada)230
Myrnagrace3 (BC, Canada)217
calcol (NF, Canada)206
sunshine_girl (AB, canada)200
Flame (BC, Canada)199
ibepook (BC, canada)198
Puzzlegal (BC, Canada)198
Top Players This Month
User NamePoints
QuentinBoone (BC, Canada)1350
Cleaner (BC, Canada)1345
Tristan (ON, Canada)1338
Paramedic1 (BC, Canada)1335
History_Buff (BC, Canada)1335
Myrnagrace3 (BC, Canada)1199
calcol (NF, Canada)1176
bklita (AB, Canada)1167
worder28560 (AB, USA)1155
Heisi (BC, Canada)1142
odiham (ON, Canada)1134
Puzzlegal (BC, Canada)1075
Top Players Overall
User NamePoints
QuentinBoone (BC, Canada)2900
Cleaner (BC, Canada)2895
Paramedic1 (BC, Canada)2870
History_Buff (BC, Canada)2855
bklita (AB, Canada)2597
calcol (NF, Canada)2474
Tristan (ON, Canada)2465
Myrnagrace3 (BC, Canada)2447
odiham (ON, Canada)2415
1234Foxy (ON, Canada)2410
strachan_ellis (ON, Canada)2214
Heisi (BC, Canada)2212

* Please read the help page for details about scores, tracking, and the time bonus.