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Word Power Challenge


User NamePoints
11234Foxy (ON, Canada)86
2calcol (NF, Canada)85
3tilleyboots (ON, Canada)82
4Taupha (ON, Canada)73
5carrie123 (AB, Canada)72
6Miss_Lane (ON, Canada)72
7lmageecan (ON, canada)72
8ibepook (BC, canada)69
9juniemoonbeam (QC, canada)69
10wt (ON, Canada)68
11elizabethghosh (ON, canada)67
12DJ (MB, Canada)67
13betshubby (ON, Canada)64
14Halia (ON, Canada)63
15Teach2 (AB, USA)60
16boilerdon (ON, Canada)59
17damar (ON, Canada)58
18ckpang88 (AB, Hong Kong)50
19QuentinBoone (BC, Canada)50
20Paramedic1 (BC, Canada)50
21Jimbob101 (ON, Canada)49
22percyk24 (ON, Canada)45
23erndawg (NS, Canada)45
24odiham (ON, Canada)45
25MsWordPlay (BC, Canada)45

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