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Word Power Challenge


User NamePoints
1Paramedic1 (BC, Canada)1100
2calcol (NF, Canada)1035
3QuentinBoone (BC, Canada)1035
4Flintedge (BC, Canada)961
5odiham (ON, Canada)905
6Musmo (ON, Canada)885
7treenich (NS, Canada)877
8carrie123 (AB, Canada)821
9Flame (BC, Canada)818
10upnatem (ON, Canada)795
11Halia (ON, Canada)791
12Heisi (BC, Canada)788
13Vivalli (ON, Canada)773
14lmageecan (ON, canada)764
15ibepook (BC, canada)764
16SusanKilpatrick (BC, Canada)754
17bklita (AB, Canada)752
181234Foxy (ON, Canada)751
19Puzzlegal (BC, Canada)749
20lennerd (AB, Canada)734
21Warlor (ON, Canada)726
22K_8790 (ON, Canada)713
23betshubby (ON, Canada)700
24boilerdon (ON, Canada)697
25tilleyboots (ON, Canada)688

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